1,030 Drawings

The Drawing Project

April 25, 2001 - April 25, 2002


calendar installation




original installation west wall




original installation detail




original installation detail



The Drawing Project was started with the idea of drawing every single day for one year. It was a chance to rediscover my marks and to investigate the visual and conceptual aspects of drawing. I was in search of the inherent but elusive qualities of drawing. The drawings became a journal for the year. The parameters for the project were to draw every day at least one image, black medium on 8 1/2" x 11" vellum. All drawings were included, finished on the single day... never reworked or edited. The drawings were dated and numbered chronologically. The project was always intended to be flexible in its installation.

The original installation was on two walls with the pieces hung in chronological order, wrapping around the walls horizontally. As the walls filled up, new drawings (again placed in chronological order) were hung on top of the previous installed pieces. At the end of the year four layers of drawings had been installed. This layered effect with the under drawings created surprising and more complex images. The drawings have also existed as stacks of vellum piled high... much more object oriented. Only the top few layers showed in each pile, revealing and witholding images and text. In its current form the Drawing Project has been divided into the twelve months of the year. Each month starts on the first of that month and consists of ten rows with seven drawings per row. A number of months have more than seventy drawings, therefore, the remaining drawings are layered chronologically over the first layer.


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